The digital acceptance of these terms and conditions acts the same way as a signature.  The signatory to this booking form, who warrants his/her authority to bind him/herself and/or the organisation cited (the Delegate), understands that his/her signature hereto constitutes a binding contract with The Business Zone 1678 cc t/a Alive2green (the Organiser).

The following terms and conditions apply to all transactions between Alive2green and its customers and relate to (but are not limited to) sponsorship, exhibition, delegate, advertiser, affiliate, endorser, subscriber relationships where applicable:

  • Any references to Client/s refer to Exhibitors, Delegates, Sponsors and/or Advertisers. References to Exhibitor or Exhibition include Sponsors and references to the Delegate include any additional attending Delegates. Advertisers refer to Website, Magazine, Event Brochure and/or Handbook advertisers. Advertising refers also to Profile pages. Publication refers also to websites and eJournals. References to the Organiser or the Publisher refer to Alive2green.
  • Exhibition or Delegate bookings: a 50% deposit is due within 7 days of booking date and balance of payment is due no later than 60 days prior to the event. Handbook advertising bookings: 30% deposit is due within 7 days of booking date and balance of payment immediately upon publication. Website advertising bookings: Payment immediately upon booking.
  • Neither non-payment nor non-attendance (events) will be regarded as cancellation and the Primary Delegate will be liable for 100% of the booking fee unless otherwise agreed by Alive2green in writing. The Organiser does not guarantee tickets or attendance for any Delegate bookings that have not been paid for in full and does not warrant attendance figures.
  • Delegate booking fee includes entrance to the event for each ticket holder, program material and refreshments over the period of the event. Exhibition booking fee includes shell scheme (or pipe and drape if specified on booking form), facia-board with organisation name, access to electricity and two staff meal tickets/boxes per day. Additional information is available in the Exhibitor Manual.
  • Rates exclude advertising agency commission and vat unless otherwise stated on official marketing material. Advertisers are solely responsible for supplying material in accordance with the technical specifications of the publication by the material deadline dates specified by the Publisher. If advertising material is not received within the material deadlines the Publisher reserves the right to run material already in its possession or to publish the basic name and contact information of the Advertiser or to assume cancellation of the advertisement by the Advertiser.
  • Cancellations will be accepted by Alive2green provided that notice of cancellation is received in writing and provided that all terms of cancellation have been met. Alive2green will acknowledge cancellation in writing once receipt of any applicable cancellation fees has been recorded.
  • Cancellation fees: Within 48 hours of booking – no cancellation fees due. Up to 10 weeks prior to event/publication date – 30%. Between 10 weeks and 4 Weeks prior to event/publication date – 50% Within 4 weeks of event/publication – 100%.
  • Entrance to events will not be permitted before full payment has been received and before full details of all attending Delegates have been submitted to the Organiser. No refunds will be made to the Delegate/s if the event is disrupted by circumstances/events beyond the control of the Organiser.
  • All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed by Alive2green in connection with the Event/Publication is the property of Alive2green and may not be used without the written permission of Alive2green. Exhibitors shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Organiser, the stand builder, stand suppliers and venue from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, or damages to persons or property or attorney’s fees arising out of or caused by any installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the venue or any part thereof, by the Exhibitor. The representative company of the Delegate and the parties hereto consent to the jurisdiction of the Cape Town Magistrates Court in the event that legal proceedings are entered into by either party.
  • All efforts will be made by the Organiser to keep Exhibitors in their reserved stand/area however the Organiser reserves the right to change the floor-plan if necessary. Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the advertised event format, the Organiser reserves the right to change conference dates, or omit event features and content, or merge the event with other events, as it deems necessary without penalty and in such situations no refunds, part refunds or alternative offers shall be made. If for any reason the Organiser cancels the event (including but not limited to any force majeure occurrence) and provided the event is not postponed to a later date nor is merged with another event, the client will receive a full refund.
  • Exhibitors will receive the Exhibitor Manual as soon as it is available to the Organiser from the event supplier. Exhibitors are to complete and submit any necessary forms to the event supplier and/or the Organiser and comply with the terms and conditions contained therein.