Bubble-shaped stadium controls light and temperature with ETFE air pillows

Vittorio Grassi Architetto and Partners just unveiled plans for a bubble-shaped stadium in Italy that is wrapped in a translucent ETFE membrane to optimize daylighting. The naturally ventilated Sports Hall of Lamezia Terme in Calabria will serve as a 4,000-seat stadium for international sporting events for athletes with disabilities, and it will also host concerts, conferences, and other events.

The Sports Hall will cover an area of 8,000 square meters, with a roof made of thin steel elements and a triple outer translucent ETFE membrane. Thanks to the translucency of the structure, the roof constantly changes appearance, depending on the amount of natural and night light and time of day. The constant pressure air pillows help maximize natural light, reduce heat gain during summer months and heat losses in winter, while slashing energy consumption.

The capacity of 4,000 seats can be expanded to 5,000 seats for concerts, conferences and other events. A particular emphasis was placed on optimizing the visibility and proximity of spectators to the playing field, and separating the access poins dedicated to the public and athletes. The energy and acoustic performance of the building were also optimized, while meeting seismic requirements and using prevailing winds for natural ventilation.

Source: inhabitat

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