South Africa: North West Tourism On Provincial Winter Attractions


Warming winter attractions in Bokone Bophirima

Winter is a time when most people want to retreat and be indoors to warm up forgetting that even during the cold times you can create memories that will warm the heart when looking back. North West province houses over 500 tourist attractions that can bring warm, joy and memories it’s no wonder the province has the most enjoyable destination.

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The onset of winter arrives at around May and continues until about end July and the average winter temperature is about 16º C – which, when combined with sunny blue skies can be very comfortable. There is a lot that Bokone Bophirima has to offer during the winter season not forgetting mind blowing and exciting destinations that you fall in love with especially the ambience and tranquility of this beautiful Province and its Tourism products.

To mention just a few, the Birding in Madikwe Game Reserve provides you with hours of fulfilling sightings, from raptors and terrestrial birds to bush and water birds. Located in the North West Province, next to the Botswana border, Madikwe is amongst the few game reserves worldwide proclaimed specifically for sustainable land use as a game reserve. You’ll be splendidly rewarded with scores of sightings when you go birding at Madikwe Game Reserve.

Tau Spa is a sanctuary in the heart of the Madikwe bushveld. As an essential part of Tau Game Lodge, this spa offers special packages designed around your personal rest and relaxation needs. Combine luxurious treatments with game drives in the bush and a range of activities in the great outdoors.

The Mphebatho Cultural Museum in Moruleng near Sun City is a community-owned repository that preserves and document the way of life of the Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela people, thereby capturing their essence for generations to come.

Botsalano Game Reserve, near the Botswana border, is predominantly a breeding game reserve. Its white rhino and antelope, in particular, are used to stock other North West game reserves. At Botsalano, wildlife is easily seen, from a plethora of birds to tall giraffes and trundling tortoises.

Apart from these recreational destinations there are a number of entertainment activities taking place in North West annually and one that stands out is The Bray July Horse Race that lures thousands of horse racing enthusiasts to the event, this event takes place in the small dorpie of Bray which is over 200 km from the capital city of Mahikeng on the boarder of Botswana and Namibia in the North West Province.

MEC Desbo Mohono highlighted in her departmental budget speech that Bray July sets out opportunities to see normal farm workers partaking in horse racing and as for jockeys for a day and enjoying a safari experience like no other for people of different cultures in North West and the country at large to get together and enjoy themselves.

When you visit Blaauwbank Historic Gold Mine & Resort, you can turn back the pages of history and have a go at fortune hunting yourself. You will also be afforded an opportunity to put on your hard hat, pick up your lamp and follow trained guides who will take you on a tour of the mine where you’ll see some of those old picks and shovels, coco-pans and rope winches that the early fortune seekers used.

The western Region of the North West Province is where you find small dorpies like Vryburg and Taung. The Small town of Taung is the hub of heritage tourism in the province and is the hometown to the site where the Taung Child Skull was discovered, which was one of the most important archeological discoveries. While Vryburg lies in the centre of a large agricultural district which has all the modern conveniences. This whole region is referred to as “The Texas of South Africa” given its strong agricultural and mining economy. The climate is dry and healthy, particularly in winter when days are sunny and bracing.

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