SA ready for sustainable public transport

Johannesburg – Finding parking in shrinking urban spaces that have to deal with a huge influx of motor vehicles is frustrating for commuters who still commute to work in their privately owned cars. However, that may change soon as more and more commuters transition to more sustainable ways of commuting.

The EcoMobility festival, ending this week, has given South Africans a preview of what a future in which they commute to work in different modes may look like.

Karthi Pillay, Deloitte Africa Manufacturing and Automotive Leader, said the festival had shown that building sustainable cities that have an integrated public transport in South Africa was possible.

The glimpse into a sustainable, ecomobile future included walking, cycling and making use of electric bicycles and cars, even sharing driverless cars which commuters did not necessarily own. Cycle lanes are soon set to be integrated into the Sandton business precinct.

Pillay noted Sandton was selected to host the festival due to the increasing number of commuters entering the precinct. The number of commuters to the area had increased at an annual rate of 3,4% per year, and it was projected that the numbers of commuters to the area would continue to grow at around 3% per year.

EcoMobility had shown that while the technology exists, changing perceptions from using a privately owned car to public transport would take some time, especially as there was room for improvement in the public transport sector, particularly in terms of infrastructure.

The change, Pillay noted, would also require new thinking around crime and using public transport as new ways of reducing crime were looked at and as more commuters began to use their smartphones to book public transport services online.

Pillay believed South Africa was ready to embrace a shift towards ecomobility, but that this change would require “a massive mindshift, both by auto industry – whether it be auto manufacturing, insurance, financing or fuel – and by consumers”

Source: iol

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BMW Bursaries 2016 – 2017

Do you love motor vehicles, technology and investing in a greater future?

BMW prides itself, as they are committed to investing in the future.  They are committed to advancing in their people, and this is what makes them unique as well as successful!  Employment equity is a serious thing, thus they ensure a multiplicity of employees within all levels of business.

BMW believes in creating equal opportunities, forming a solid company with skilled labor.  They recognize the talent of each individual, giving their employees a competitive edge to succeed.  They seek candidates who would like to make an impact, who strives for the best and always gives their utmost everything in all they do.

Would you like to shape your future?  BMW has the ideal opportunity to reach your dreams in life.  Add sparks to all you are with this program.  Their bursary program is aimed at developing young talent, while ensuring stable growth.  Their bursary program includes many perks for successful candidates.

The BMW bursary program includes financial support for the following:

Registration fees

Class fees

Accommodation fees at the Institute of Higher Learning

Prescribed book or learning material fees

Examination fees

Their bursaries program is designed to help candidates reach their full potential.  Except for the financial aid they make available, candidate could also have the opportunity for vacation work.  Candidates may be asked to sign an employment contract with the company, for a period as is deemed required.

Brighten not only your future, but also build a stable environment around you with assistance from the BMW bursaries program.  If this is the path you want to follow, let BMW help you move.

BMW Bursaries Available

If you are planning to study in one of the following directions, the bursaries offered by BMW may just be what you need.  Candidates can apply for a range of study fields, including the following:

  • Production
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Production Engineering
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Business Management
  • Finance

Bursary Requirements

If you would like to apply for a bursary from BMW, candidates must provide all required documentation, complete the application form and meet all requirements.

To study with a bursary in any of the above mentioned fields, candidates require the following:

  • Grade 12 level of education with an average of 80% or higher
  • Candidates at University, completing their first year, in any of the mentioned fields must also hold an 80% average or higher
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Possess a Valid South African ID
  • Be computer literate, with competency in MS Office
  • Proficient in English, read, write and understand
  • Must show a dynamic and adaptable personality
  • Be a keen intellectual scholar


Please include your latest school results and certified copy of your ID.

BMW online bursaries applications can be done via this form.

Candidates are advised to carefully read all questions, complete the application fully and honestly.

BMW is a company that commits to the investment of people and their abilities.  The success of the company lies within their workforce, thus they strive to aid in building a stronger community with skilled workers.  They also take employment equity seriously, therefore they allow for a diversity within all positions of the company.

BMW feels their competitive edge is due to the companies employment equity act, ensuring great standards for their employees and providing opportunities for gaining greater qualifications.  People are acknowledged for their effort within all situations, forming a strong foundation to success.

BMW aims to eliminate any and all unfair discrimination, thus they offer equal opportunities within their occupational ranks.  They deliver an employment equity program through their affirmative action representation.

Closing Date

Applications are made available during September of each year.  There after a selection process will be done, this will be done from September up until December.  Applicants will be contacted that make the short-list, and an assessment will be completed.

There after an interview will also be set-up.  This interview will aid in the final selection process.  Candidates who qualify will be informed.  If you do not hear anything from BMW, please be advised that your application was unsuccessful.

Source: bursaries-southafrica

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