Join us for the third edition of the award winning African Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit which showcases a collection of Africa’s top real estate and infrastructure projects. This exclusive, high-level two day exhibition and interactive conference is attended by over 300 property professionals, developers, investors, city and municipal planners and offers a platform to explore the future of urban development in African cities.

We will explore key themes and topics shaping Africa’s urban growth and development along 2 tracks:

Track 1: Residential Development Summit

Track 2: Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure Summit



Explore and unpack the residential development market with industry thought leaders, keynote presentations and panel discussions around:

  • Housing under the microscope: Exploring regional supply and demand of various asset classes.
  • What land is available for residential development?
  • Exploring the increasing trend of developers holding onto stock, and REITs adding residential to their portfolio.
  • Industry experts unravel how to maximise the value of your residential development.
  • Can mixed-use developments be considered the future of residential development?
  • The affordable housing conundrum: How do we make affordable housing more attractive to investors?
  • Future Focus: Are millennials changing the status quo for property development?


Engage with industry thought leaders presenting on both the commercial and industrial landscape tied in with infrastructure development

  • What exciting opportunities lie in our Industrial Development Zones?
  • Examining master planning and public/private collaborations within the commercial property sector.
  • Integrated Urban Development: Investigating successful mixed use development projects with case studies.
  • How do we successfully interlink transport systems to urban developments?
  • Questioning how our African cities are embracing smart technology to become more efficient.


Exhibition stands

Take advantage of our unique exhibition stands to showcase products, services and solutions to the audience

Contact us to secure a space on floor.

• Early bird booking R 7, 500 pp (Valid until 29 June 2018)
• Standard booking R 8, 500 pp (Valid until 31 August 2018)
• Late /onsite bookings R 10, 000 pp (Valid until 11 October 2018)


• Full access to the 2-day conference programme
• Lunch for both days
• Networking function
• Access to business-to-business matchmaking prior to the event

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Countdown continues to world’s first ever Global Recycling Day as worldwide events are announced

With just one month to go until the first-ever Global Recycling Day, cities across the globe are joining together to encourage people to think of recycling in a new way. The initiative from the Bureau for International Recycling (BIR) will call on the world to think “resource” not “waste” when it comes to recycling.

On the 18th March 2018, official Global Recycling Day events will take place in London, Washington DC, Sao Paolo, Paris, Johannesburg, Delhi and Dubai (with other private events expected to take place in homes and communities across the globe).

These events will encourage individuals to pledge to make at least one change to their recycling habits, as well as asking them to sign BIR’s petition calling for the day to be recognised by the United Nations. This will help the message spread and highlight the importance of a global approach to recycling to world leaders.

Joining in on social media channels, using #GlobalRecyclingDay, is being encouraged, with people invited to share videos and images of recycling actions and celebrations.   The aim is to showcase how central recycling is to our day to day life – whether it’s working with local recycling businesses or making personal recycling commitments.

BIR President, Ranjit Baxi, said: “The world’s first Global Recycling Day is a vitally important new date in our global calendar.  To truly harness the power of recycling we must adopt a global approach to its collection, processing and use, and this Day recognises the global nature of the industry and the issue.   It is time we put the planet first and all commit to spend 10 more minutes a day ensuring that materials are disposed of properly. It is a joint responsibility, not one of the few and I look forward to seeing individuals, communities, businesses and leaders joining us and celebrating the Day on 18th March.

“Global Recycling Day is also a wakeup call to all of us, wherever we live.  We must unite with those involved in the industry – from workers on waste mountains to the world’s largest businesses – to help them to make the best use of what we dispose of, to make recycling easier, inherent even in the design of products, and to stop expecting countries to simply accept Recyclables which are difficult and  costly to process.”

About Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day is an initiative of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR).

BIR is the global federation of the recycling industry, representing the interests of the global industry.

One of BIR’s key objectives is to promote recycling globally – showcasing its benefits to industry, policy makers and the wider community.

2018 marks the 70th anniversary of BIR (indeed 18th March is its 70th birthday), a landmark year in which to create a day which recognised the vital role recycling and the industry plays in protecting the planet.

The first ever Global Recycling Day will unite people across the world, highlighting the need to conserve our six primary resources (water, air, coal, oil, natural gas and minerals) and celebrating the power of the newly termed “Seventh Resource”- the goods we recycle every day. The new initiative is the brain child of Ranjit Baxi, who announced his vision for a day dedicated to recycling at the inauguration of his Presidency at BIR’s 2015 Dubai Convention.

Global Recycling Day will be a day of action, aimed at building a global approach towards recycling, calling on world leaders, international businesses, communities and individuals to make seven clear commitments in their approach to recycling.  Consumers are also being asked to ask themselves some key questions about recycling, to think of it in a new way. 

Environment officials talk sustainable tourism in Samoa

Environment officials are in Apia to begin talks starting with a focus on sustainable eco tourism.

The 28th SPREP meeting got underway this morning with the incoming chair, Umiich Sengebau who is the Minister for the Environment in Palau, saying he wanted other members to take a leaf out of his country’s success story to move forward in this area.

He spoke of introducing and endorsing the user pays system that had been so successful in his country.

“Palau has always been known as a diving mecca,” Mr Sengebau said.

“We knew this is where Palau is gonna go and it was important that we also protect the very resources that the tourists come for.

“And of course our president has always been fond of saying that our environment is our economy and our economy is our environment.”

Mr Sengebau encouraged members to take care of their eco systems to ensure sustainability.

SPREP Director-General Kosi Latu said the SPREP meeting would echo many of the issues talked about during the recent Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting.

“Our strategy plan recognises the challenges as articulated on the global and regional stage by our Pacific leaders who met here about two weeks ago in Apia,” Mr Latu said.

“Where climate change, again our principle concern and oceans as our key cross-cutting theme, was highlighted by our leaders when they met here in Samoa”

Concern over ocean pollution is likely to dominate the meeting, with Mr Latu saying the Pacific region is 98 percent ocean and 2 percent land.

He said a long-standing worry about the transportation of nuclear waste through the Pacific would also be on the agenda.

“We don’t know when these shipments happen and often we require prior notification, so we are aware of where these shipments are going and where they are coming from,” Mr Latu said.

” And it can get very political. But that has been a concern for a very, very long time.”

Mr Latu said SPREP also had a role in assisting member countries to access climate change finance.

“To achieve this we must focus our efforts in strengthening the work that we do to ensure that SPREP is able to mobilise, allocate and direct technical and financial resources to make a difference where it is relevant and has the greatest impact for our communities.”

The meeting is scheduled for the next three days.

Source: radionz.