Talk about sustainable living this week

A DURBAN couple achieved what many only dream of, but their energy in inspiring others to at least live more sustainably through sharing their ground-breaking and inspiring journey is contagious.

Jane Troughton will be the guest speaker for the Keep Kloof Beautiful Association meeting on Thursday, 15 October from 5.30pm in the Kloof Junior Primary School hall, Abelia Road, Kloof, and all are welcome to this free talk.

Troughton’s home, featured in a Top Billing programme. It underwent a complete transformation into a completely sustainable living-based design, taking every detail into account.

The architecture and building materials, roof gardening that encourages a diverse flora and fauna population, and removing their reliance of municipal water and power supply being just a few elements the family worked on.

They bought an old home and demolished it, taking care to reuse and recycle wherever possible, but an exciting development is that they are planning not only to live off the grid, but to feed it too.

With their new house taking shape, they believe it will be a property that will not only fulfill their dream of “living more gently on the planet”, but will also be an embedded generator.

Embedded generation is the term used for any electricity generating “plant” that is connected to the regional electricity distribution networks.

Even if one is not in a position to do a large-scale revamp, it is a great opportunity to learn what is available, and perhaps what can be adapted for your own home. Show your support for the work we do in Kloof by attending this once-off meeting.

Source: news24

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