Construction of Jeffreys Bay Hospital to start this year

WITH a multi-million investment, creating new jobs, construction of the first private hospital in Jeffreys Bay is still set to become a reality, although the planned deadline of 2016 was missed.

Hitting a few unforeseen potholes along the way, the planned OriginHealth Jeffreys Bay Hospital will no longer be constructed on the corner of Bloukrans Street and Outeniqua Way, but will now find its new home next to Policlinic.

The application for the subdivision of the erf has been submitted to the Kouga Municipality, and the final decision on this matter is expected by mid-February.

Only after then, the redesign of the hospital can commence as it will now be situated on a much smaller piece of land than before.

According to Kouga Mayor, Elza van Lingen, the process is underway.

“A decision will be made once the town planning report has been completed and scrutinised in line with the new Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA). While we hope to see a decision made as quickly as possible, it is difficult to give an exact time frame. Consultation needs to take place with various experts and their sche- dules would impact on how quickly the application is processed.”

Construction is expected to start in July this year. Green building practices will be followed in the construction of the hospital, including the use of environmentally friendly building materials and rain harvesting.

The estimated 60-bed hospital will be designed with medical, surgical, intensive care, maternity, pediatric, radiology and emergency units, theatres and day hospital. Provision will be made for consulting rooms, more theatres and ample parking.

Emphasis will be placed on a peaceful, healing environment to offer the patient, visitor and staff a home experience with effective noise control, sound absorption, soft lighting and flow of movement.

The jobs that will be created include diffe-rent skills levels such as cleaners, general workers, administrative jobs and highly specialised jobs like medical technicians, nursing jobs and positions for other medical professionals.

While it will be the first new hospital in Jeffreys Bay for OriginHealth, OriginHealth Managing Director Dr Adrian Wentzel has been involved in the establishment of a number of hospital projects both locally and overseas. He was involved in the establishment of the Fairview Hospital in Port Elizabeth in 2015, Cuyler Clinic in Uitenhage in 1985 and currently manages the Eye & Laser Institute in Port Elizabeth.

“The Council would welcome any development that benefits our communities. We cannot comment on the proposed hospital at this stage, however, as the process is still underway. We will have a clearer picture of all the pros and cons once the town planning report has been completed and scrutinised,” says van Lingen.

Day Hospital to launch in Wilgeheuwel

(Cape Town, December 2016) Wellness Crossing, a multipurpose medical hub in Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort is set to launch the first phase of development in March 2017. Wellness Crossing is situated to the immediate west of Lifestyle Crossing and Retail Crossing in Wilgeheuwel.

The four medical buildings to be built on the property will form the health and wellness centre comprising a Day Hospital operated by Cure Day Clinics, a Sub-Acute Hospital, Medical Suites and Wellness activities. The first phase of the development will be the establishment of the Day Hospital and Sectional Title Medical Suites, housing specialised Medical Practitioners in support of Wellness Crossing.

The expanding community in the Wilgeheuwel suburb has seen a substantial growth in demand for specialised medical care.  The new medical facilities will provide world class patient care, cutting edge technology and patient comfort.

“A Dialysis Clinic, Pathology Laboratory, Physiotherapist and Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon are already on board to take occupancy of the medical suites,” explains Mark Teuchert, Managing Director of Lazercor Developments. “With Cure Day Clinics in place to manage the doctors, surgeons and nursing staff at the day hospital we’ve already created the platform for a successful health and wellness centre.”

Wellness Crossing will be Lazercor’s fourth medical development. Tried and tested management procedures have been benchmarked for best practice. “When we started Lazercor we decided that we would not be sector bound, however, we’ve found a need that has not been previously provided for in the industry, where doctors can own their own rooms, within a structured platform close to medical facilities, such as day hospitals and sub-acute hospitals. We have found that this model satisfies a need and will contribute to the health and wellness property curve,” says Teuchert.

South Africa is home to 50 Day Hospitals and 200 Acute Hospitals, however worldwide the ratio for every acute hospital to every day hospital is one to one, respectively. Medical Aids are in full support of day hospitals where medical procedures and operations can equate to as much as 35 to 45 percent saving of similar procedures in acute hospitals. With no overnight stays the need for night staff is eradicated, cutting down staffing hours from three shifts to one.

The Sectional Title Medical Suites available for purchase or leasing will boast an array of medical practitioners from different specialist fields in order to offer a variety of medical services to the community. This process ensures less competition among same-discipline practitioners with a greater medical offering to the community.

This multi-dimensional medical facility will also boast technology intelligent buildings with biometric access and egress control. Electrified fence perimeter, security cameras, 24-hour security standby generators as well as UPS equipment for unavoidable power failures which will ensure day-to-day procedures run as per normal.

The intelligent architecture of each building has been designed to integrate natural light where possible encompassing an invigorating environment for patients and practitioners. The state-of-the-art infrastructure has created a one-stop-shop for health and wellness, one that exudes a comfortable environment with quality services.

The second phase of the development is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017 and will see the development of the Sub-Acute Hospital, Oncology Unit and additional Medical Suites.  Lazercor also plans to incorporate wellness activities such as spa’s, beauty boutiques and Chiropractitioners, further creating and instilling a multi-faceted health and wellness centre.

For further information, visit Alternatively, contact Lazercor Developments on 021 880 9360.