‘It’s all good’ tree planting workshop fuels First Choice

First Choice in partnership with GreenPop planted 20 trees at Perivale Primary School, Plumstead during a planting workshop as part of its, ‘it’s all good’ campaign.

‘It’s all good’ is First Choice’s ethos when it comes to sustainability, good-environmental practices, ethical business and quality dairy products, and the planting workshop is an extension of this.

The dairy behind First Choice, Woodlands Dairy, believes we all need to balance the pursuit of business success together with making the world a better place. “The planet is important to us,” remarks Woodlands Dairy/First Choice designation, name. “As a company we have programme to ensure sustainability which also encompasses people and profits.

“We live in a time of unprecedented change. In business we face challenges and opportunities that are more critical and complex than ever before – where the consequences of failure are unimaginable and the impact of our decisions are felt instantly across the planet.”

Involving pupils from Perivale Primary School in the workshop, extends the message that we all need to look after our environment, “we hope the message stays with them throughout life,” adds surname.