Federico Uribe recycles everyday objects into captivating animal sculptures

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—or in the case of Federico Uribe, a source of artistic inspiration. The Colombian-born, Miami-based conceptual artist transforms neglected everyday objects into surprising new forms that look startlingly lifelike. One such work is “Animal Farm,” a collection of barnyard creatures crafted from different recycled bits and ends, from rubber soles to clothespins.

Uribe drew inspiration for “Animal Farm” from his formative years on his family’s cattle ranch in Bogotá. Those childhood experiences in the countryside helped develop an appreciation for nature, a theme found throughout his work. Although Uribe originally studied painting and the fine arts, he decided instead to channel his classical painting background and love for nature into whimsical sculptures woven from multilayered recycled materials.

Animal Farm, which has been displayed at different venues since 2008, includes farmworkers made from pencils; horse and pigs built of scrap wood; donkeys and cows constructed from rubber soles; and even a ram made of rope. Uribe arranges his sculptures into site-specific displays at each gallery. You can find the prolific artist’s most recent work on his Facebook page.

Source: inhabitat

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