Finding value in waste – BHEKUZULU Primary School

BHEKUZULU Primary School is one of the schools taking up the opportunities created by REDISA (Recycling and Economic Development Initiative South Africa) and has started their own tyre recycling projects. The school makes tyre bags, sandals and coasters which are sold to the community to raise funds for various school projects.

In addition, Bhekuzulu Primary has made its own tyre swings and tyre seats filled with concrete for children to sit on at lunch time. Tholakele Mbokazi, a teacher at the school, has seen the value of involving both teachers and pupils in recycling activities. This has not only improved the environment, but has also proven to be fun for the pupils.

Ms Mbokazi was a recipient of the “Dedication to Recycling” award at the inaugural REDISA Recognition Awards earlier this year. This was awarded to the school for making a significant contribution to the promotion of, and realisation of recycling for a better “people, planet and earth”.

Speaking on her role in educating the children about the benefits of recycling Ms Mbokazi said, “Non-recycling has been a serious issue, and the project not only benefits the community, but the government as it lessens the burden.

“The project will ultimately give the learners the pleasure and pride of knowing that they have contributed to their school, community and the environment as a whole. By making recycling fun I hope the children will take it as a hobby even beyond the classrooms.”

By teaching children the importance of reusing items and recycling we can reduce the waste found locally. Schools like Bhekuzulu Primary teach these important lessons to pupils through inclusive activities so that they can see first-hand what is possible when recycling is in action.

According to REDISA director, Stacey Davidson, “Teaching children about recycling encourages them to get excited about preserving the environment.

“This will also help them understand the environmental challenges that currently exist and how they can turn what is seen as waste into something that could be of use to them.

“Promoting recycling and its benefits in schools will be a fundamental building block for having a future society that is aware and proactive in sustaining the environment and its resources.”

Source: vryheidherald

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