Coal mining threatens food security

Lead researcher at the Bench-Marks Foundation, David van Wyk, says while coal mining is said to boost the South Africa’s economy, it affects badly the food security of the country.

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Speaking on SAfm’s PM Live, Van Wyk says South Africa’s coal mining has led to the loss of lots of

and is therefore a threat to the country’s food production.

Van Wyk was speaking in the wake of the launch of the Break Free Campaign that aims to create awareness to climate change and hold businesses and governments accountable.

Van Wyk says while South Africa has an abundance of coal, it is a water- scarce country and water scarcity increases with coal mining because the little water that is available is polluted.

This means water from rivers such as the Olifants River cannot be drunk and fish from the river cannot be eaten.

“So we have to choose between air security, oxygen security, water security, food security and coal,” says Van Wyk.


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