Recyclers are doing a great job

A s a result of the poverty that affects many families in our country, some men and women resort to recycling to keep their hunger at bay.

While recycling helps generate a small income that can buy bread, it also helps to keep our environment clean. The sad part of it is that the community looks down on people who walk around looking for empty cans, bottles and papers.

If you think that the recyclers are a bunch of losers, think again. Their initiative needs to be encouraged by all means.

Whenever we have recyclable items, we can put them aside for the recyclers to collect. By helping the unemployed to put food on the table you will be helping the whole nation to develop.

Some unemployed people have turned to illegal business while others are con artists who rob people on a daily basis. Others are beggars who are driven by self-pity.

I would like to salute all those who wake up in the morning and go to dumps or walk the streets to pick up recyclable stuff.

They are doing nothing illegal and at the end of the day their families have food on the table.

As the people of South Africa we need to do away with empty pride and help each other to alleviate poverty. The more we work together towards a common goal, the more our country will develop and reduce people’s reliance on government grants.

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