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About Green Home Magazine


  • A platform to educate and inform readers about their eco brands and services
  • Insights into how their products and solutions are enabling designers and constructors to design and build more intelligent high performance residential buildings
  • Contributions from experts in their fields on innovations in building and design for the home
  • Online links – website provides additional content in between print editions
  • An eBook version of each edition is available on ISSUU into the future, providing an extended life span


GHM Quarterly contains the latest thinking and most relevant information on the design, speci cation, and construction of green residential buildings in South and southern Africa.

Readers, such as home owners, architects, speci ers, contractors and designers are able to catch up on the latest green residential building content:

  • Alternative Building Materials and Technologies
  • Alternative methods of construction
  • Intelligent site strategies incorporating micro climate and ecological services
  • Passive architectural design – orientation, fenestration, shading, insulation
  • Natural lighting and ventilation
  • Geothermal cooling
  • Resource e cient speci cation
  • Eco décor
  • Innovative easy-to-separate-at-source solutions
  • Energy e cient appliances
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Low ow taps and WC’s
  • Grey/black water recycling
  • Eco-landscaping
  • Household scale integrated battery storage solutions
  • Roof top solar
  • Home automation and smart metering
  • Green roofs and walls
  • Eco and natural pools
  • Integrating with eco mobility and motoring

Look no further than Green Home Magazine for content focused on the sustainable aspects of residential construction & renovation, for the case studies, the facts, the answers, and the business case.


And it’s not just about the house! Home is where we live, eat and sleep. Its where we consume water and electricity, and create waste; the place to which we return with all our purchases, where we cook, dress, entertain and chill out listening to music or watching the game on TV; where we swim, garden, park our cars, bikes and toys.

Our home is our castle – it’s the place that de nes us and our lifestyles, and it’s what Green Home Magazine is all about.

As such readers will and all sorts of related content related to holistic living, from green motoring, to green cleaning products, from eco fashion to sustainable food, and everything in between.

Live informed today!

Download the Green Home 12 month planting chart here
Download the Green Home 12 month planting chart here


  • Featured buildings: Green Homes Feature
  • Innovative Green Building Products and Technologies
  • Green Building and it’s various components – Flooring; Insulation; Landscaping; Lighting; Roofing etc.
  • Green construction and alternative building solutions – eco cement; polymers; bricks; decking etc.
  • Environment impact reduction – energy e ciency waste reduction, rain water harvesting, lifestyle, etc.

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Green Home asks the following Questions on behalf of our readers:

  • What impact am I having? Do the positives outweigh the negatives?
  • What does it mean to live a greener lifestyle?
  • How do I set about building a green home?
  • What is sustainable design?
  • What are the financial implications of going green?
  • How can I save on my utility bills?
  • What vehicle should I be driving?
  • How can I eat better and more sustainably?
  • Is there such a thing as eco- friendly clothing in SA?
  • How can I be a greener tourist

Green Home’s task and role is to aim to provide the answers to these and many other questions, knowing that the answers are often conflicting.  We hope Green Home Magazine will be a useful tool to assist you as you seek advice on greening your home and lifestyle.

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