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In the current global system materials move in linear flow: resource > produce > consume > dispose. This system has developed over time due to market forces, driven by the fact that disposal of materials costs less than replacement. In cases where this is not the case however, such as scrap metals, the markets have been highly effective at driving materials reclamation. This demonstrates that if harnessed correctly, market forces are fully capable of bringing about a change from the old linear system to a circualr system of materials flows.

Solving this problem is not something that we can afford to do in small increments, the fact is we running out of time and space! We need a complete paradigm shift; a new vision. Introducing the Vision Zero Waste Handbook – the publication set to take this thinking from the esoteric to the practical, from theoretical to implementable.


  • Introduction to the idea of zero waste – not a new idea, inspired by nature – a combination of interconnected circular or looped systems
  • Review of applicable legislation, and international agreements
  • The environmental and social case against disposal and landfilling
  • Analysing the primary waste streams directed to landfill today
  • Placing a value on materials
  • Internalising the cost of disposal through extended producer responsibility
  • Case studies of waste streams already redirected from landfill
  • Stating the key problem case in relation to current waste streams to landfill
  • Proposing industrial/manufacturing approaches that might effect a stepped decrease in these wastestreams to landfill
  • Proposing design approaches that might effect a stepped increase in the recyclability of materials streamsgoing to landfill
  • Proposing approaches that can effect a stepped increase in separation at source
  • Opportunities for handlers and beneficiators of separated waste streams
  • Job creation and economic stimulus flowing from the move to handling and beneficiating waste streams
  • The global market for separated waste streams
  • Stimulating demand for recycled content – eco procurement
  • The final resort – waste to energy, what are the latest proven technologies that can offer energy outcomes without the toxic emissions associated with incineration


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