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The Sustainable Infrastructure Handbook is South Africa’s peer- reviewed reference resource for infrastructure stakeholders in South Africa and will be breaking new ground in 2014. The Handbook will focus specifically on sustainable infrastructure development in Southern Africa.

The Handbook will incorporate the socio-economic agenda and will seek to drive discussions around best practice in planning, financing, development, construction, utilization, social integration, servicing, and deconstruction of key infrastructure projects.

Foreword – Dr. Cornelius Ruiters, Executive Director, Built Environment, CSIR.
Foreword – President, South African Institute of Consulting Engineers.

Introduction – Llewellyn van Wyk, CSIR.


  • Green(ing) infrastructure – Llewellyn van Wyk, CSIR.
  • A social franchising approach to maintenance of green infrastructure – Dr. Kevin Wall, University of Pretoria
  • Greening water supply and management – Dr. Cornelius Ruiters, CSIR.
  • The application of appropriate technologies and system for sustainable sanitation – Louiza Duncker, CSIR.
  • Greening energy supply – Wim Klunne, CSIR.
  • Smart sustainable energy for rural communitydevelopment – Steve Szewczuk
  • Greening waste management – Linda Godfrey,CSIR
  • Supporting sustainable human settlements by improving the quality of outdoor environments – Sizo Sebake, CSIR.
  • Infrastructure for clean transport in South Africa– Andy Le May.

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