Energy Efficiency

No energy generation solution has the potential to deal with capacity constraints faster and more cost effectively than energy efficiency, and with energy prices spiking, carbon taxes looming, and the ever present threat of rolling blackouts, one would expect that by now South Africa would have fully embraced energy efficiency as a primary business imperative. This is however not the case. Standing in the way is the outdated view in many cases that energy is not core business, and that core business investments will yield greater returns; fear in investing in an ever changing environment, where incentives come and go and new technologies threaten to render current approached redundant within a matter of years or even months; distrust in the claims of suppliers..
Is the new NBI lead PSEE initiative going clear the way forward and act to sweep away these impediments?

Renewable Energy

The progress of awarding tenders to IPPs as part of the REIPPP has been lorded, but also criticised as the DoE and Eskom change the goal posts and stall matters from time to time, causing headaches to bidders and costing millions, but hopefully at the end of it all bidding companies will be rewarded for their resilience, and the DoE will have achieved its % targets. The next wave of projects will include

smaller scale projects, but the real opportunity is for renewable energy to become accessible to all energy users, without the need to bid.
To what extent is this already the case by targeting energy efficiencies, and to what extent are municipalities pushing towards net metering and feasible reed-in tariffs? Can we leap frog to smart grids without municipalities going out of business, to achieve the ultimate – energy efficient cities?

Alternative Energy

Any energy solution that offers lower greenhouse gas emissions than coal, and which is also available locally should be viewed as a legitimate sustainable energy opportunity, and gas offers SA this. Whether or not fracking goes ahead and whether or not the balance on environmental impacts is contrary or in favour, we have access to major gas resources within the region, such as Mozambique, and due the efficiency of gas we have obligation to explore its deployment as a key source of energy for SA. The Sustainable Energy Handbook looks into the issues..

Alternative Fuels

Recently government announced that as at a certain future date all fuel pumped in SA would have to contain at least 5% biofuel. How will this happen and what will the consequences be?

Alive2green publishes the Energy Resource Handbook which is available for purchase. Packed with contributions from South Africa’s leading industry experts and researchers, The Energy Resource Handbook provides readers with practical insights into energy efficient designs, technologies, materials and solutions relevant in the South African context. The Handbook is a Peer Reviewed publication.

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