Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Handbook Volume 2



The Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Handbook Volume 1 was hugely successful and well received by the industry. We walked into every meeting, workshop and conference over the past year with a handful of copies and have received requests from far and wide to send more. In adhering to our own sustainability principle, we recommended that if you have not received your copy of Volume 1, you download it in electronic format at www. Volume 1 really was the introduction – presenting the Why’s and How’s of starting sustainable tourism implementation. In Volume 2, we move beyond looking internally and we build on the learnings from Volume 1. In Volume 2 there is a lot of emphasis on community and the human aspect of sustainable tourism. Who to involve, what to tell them and how to engage them. The underpinning principle of sustainability in my mind, is collaboration on a magnificent scale – private business, policy makers, regulators, local community, tourists, NGOs, associations, non-tourism sectors – everyone has to work together to create a sustainable tourism industry. I hope you enjoy the journey.