Green Home Magazine Issue 20



March mayhem and the mad hatter missed the tea party. Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink. Nursery rhymes and ditties aside, March was water month and the month that Earth Hour brought its message to the globe to choose renewable energy. Switching off lights around the world has become a symbolic act of disconnecting from the grid in a drive to raise awareness that there are alternatives and much of what we use, we don’t need to. It amounts to a whole lot of waste. Dare I mention the big corporate(s) who like to sponsor green events but forget to turn off the office park lights, even for just that hour (needless to say it should be every day) . So when you talk about waste it starts to get interesting because it is the next big economic injection. The waste economy exists and is growing, slogans like ‘waste into worth’, ‘trash into treasure’, are starting to stick and the latent resources that are left by the detritus that is thrown ‘away’ is clearly the next game changer in terms of job creation and resource recycling. In the future there may indeed be a historical reference to P.W. – the Pre-Waste era and reflections on what was done about it by the civilisations creating it. As technology fast tracked telephony there is the option to fast track to the era of No Waste and have no need to rehabilitate the ecology because we did not destroy it in the first place. This is where the super hero enters the picture. Lewis Pugh has been defying his physicality to challenge the powers that be to reform. This is the big league, and whilst he is out there challenging super powers, in the many communities around South Africa there are other players who daily make a difference in wanting to regenerate and create a future worth striving for. To all the champions, heroes and other game changers…big up. Keep on keeping and thank you.