Green economy journal issue 20



Clay Brick green to the core!

When it comes to construction materials, clay brick masonry is verified as eco-friendly to the core. Literally. Formed from clay and shale, bricks are proven to be in a class of their own when it comes to low carbon emissions,
reduced energy costs and affordable yet sustainable school, business or home environments.
If you spread the CO2 emissions from 1m2 of brickwork over its life of 150 years, it equates to 0.252 tCO2e/t. Unlike many products, this carbon isn’t “locked up” to be released at the end of its life to the detriment of the environment.
Because the CO2 was expended during production, the emission value continues to drop, the longer the building exists. 100% Sustainable Property developers and architects need to consider not only the short term costs of construction, but the long term costs in terms of impact on the environment, energy efficiency, maintenance, operation and the lifespan of the building itself. Once laid, face-brick withstands rain, hail, floods and intense heat – remaining beautiful indefinitely without maintenance. There is no initial painting, and no ongoing repainting and
replastering. The maintenance-free benefits of clay face brick go beyond the property owner – they translate into an approximate reduction of 6.0Kg CO2 emissions for every square meter of exposed