Green economy journal issue 19


Green economy journal issue 19


Goals and the new guard

Goal setting is important for progress. Goals provide us with reminders and focus and they generally connect us with reality. Goals have inherent ‘drivers’ such as a sense of accomplishment when they are achieved, or a sense of duty and responsibility because we feel more accountable. A goal is, of course, only effective if it is realistically achievable. If it is not realistic or not perceived to be achievable, a goal can end up being be a negative force. So our planet has a brand spanking new set of goals – seventeen of them in fact. Global leaders (via the UN) have committed to these
seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are aimed at the achievement of three primary objectives, namely: to end extreme poverty; to fight inequality and injustice and to fix climate change. Laudable as these are, they are effectively a new and/ or updated set of goals that we have because we did not achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.

I’m excited about these new goals and I really like the way that they are being
packaged and promoted. I am, however, frustrated that we didn’t come close to achieving our previous goals and I’d like to know more about why we (and in this context the UN) fell so short, what we did to assist and intervene in those 15 years, and whether participating countries really did feel that the goals were realistically achievable. These are questions that I am seeking answers to, and I hope that others with more influence are too. One of my personal goals while building the Green Economy Journal has been to relinquish the editorship to a more experienced successor, when the time is right. The time does feel right and I am proud to announce that Melissa Baird will be taking over as editor in the next cycle – a goal achieved! Melissa has worked extensively in media and communications, with a particular focus on environmental sustainability in the consumer and B2B sectors. She played a key role in the development of Ogilvy Earth and is the current editor for our sister publication Green Home Magazine. I am certain that she will bring a fresh and exciting approach to the Journal and I wish her every success.

Sincerely Lloyd Macfarlane