ohbaby turns to Picup for deliveries

ohbaby has started using Picup’s software to manage its deliveries around Cape Town and Gauteng. Customers can now track their deliveries in real time, which is just one of the many great features available from Picup.

ohbaby is a nutritionist approved, science led baby food brand that believes in convenience without compromise. As a startup, it needed to pay huge attention to service excellence. Its biggest challenge was the time and resources required to manage its own independent drivers and finding a solution to combat the high cost of failed deliveries.

Founder and MD of ohbaby, Amy Putman, says as the business grew, they faced many delivery challenges which resulted in a high cost from both a monetary and customer retention perspective.

“As a young entrepreneur, I keep close contact with a network of other entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space. Developing these relationships is vital because we experience many of the same teething problems and, by sharing knowledge, we’re able to work together to solve problems,” she explained.

Putman says one of these contacts recommended Picup because of the professional, reliable service it offers. “But more importantly, because the team at Picup offer the support and flexibility that start-ups require.”

ohbaby deliveries are time sensitive because there are strict guidelines when it comes to frozen foods. It previously worked with independent drivers and managed the delivery process manually.

She says managing drivers and the delivery processes was not sustainable as they grew. “It moved our focus away from key areas like growth and onto logistics. “Working with Picup has allowed us to bring that focus back to where it needs to be for the best interest of growing the business.”

“We recognise the fact that the Picup drivers who deliver our baby food are viewed as representatives of the ohbaby brand. With 95% of its customers being busy moms with babies at home, trust is key. Our experience of Picup Legends has been that they are professional, friendly and on time,” Putman adds.

Picup also accommodates ohbaby’s special requirements for deliveries. It uses a swap out system of cooler bags instead of traditional cardboard boxes which could be wasteful. This means Picup drivers need to log, store and return the cooler bags that are swapped out by repeat purchasers.

“Without Picup managing this process accurately, our GP would dramatically decline. Picup has streamlined our delivery process and allowed us to focus on our core business,” she concludes.