Morningside Shopping Centre gears up for even more green initiatives

Morningside Shopping Centre is going the extra mile for environmental sustainability by introducing even more green initiatives with the aim of helping the surrounding community.

From 1 November, efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle will include a brand new bio-bin which cleverly converts organic wet waste that would otherwise end up a landfill to usable, nutrient-rich compost.

As a long-time supporter of recycling initiatives and caring for the environment, not only will the compost be used for Morningside Shopping Centre’s landscaping and the Morningside urban farm, but all excess compost will be donated to Redhill School, City Parks and any green belts in the vicinity as part of an agreement with local council.

Morningside Shopping Centre manager, Sharon Henry says the centre is pleased to be part of the positive change towards greater sustainability by reducing waste. “Every effort, no matter how big or small, can make a difference to our environment. The introduction of a new bio-bin, along with our existing recycling initiatives, is another opportunity for us to do the right thing for our environment and for our community.”

In addition to recycling glass bottles, cardboard, plastic and tin, Morningside Shopping Centre proudly hosts Glass Escapes, a company specialising in beautifully crafted glass art. Glass Escapes donates from sales to various charities and most recently contributed R2,500 towards the Spruit Clean Up after a successful three-day exhibition at Morningside Shopping Centre.

Last year the centre donated five of its own chandeliers to Grayston Preparatory School. The chandeliers, shaped into exquisite balls of white flowers, were made from recycled plastic milk bottles by acclaimed South African artist Heath Nash. Now on display around the school campus, the chandeliers are used to educate learners about recycling and the importance of reusing single-use plastic products whenever possible.

Henry says that the success of previous green projects is inspiration to continue finding new ways of being as environmentally responsible as possible. “We’re thrilled to do what we can for a brighter future for everyone.”