KarTent: 100% recyclable cardboard tents want to solve the waste problem at music festivals

Left behind tents are a big problem at music festivals, particularly because of the massive amounts of landfill-bound waste they create. Fortunately, however, one Dutch startup believes they have the solution: the KarTent. Made from 100% recyclable cardboard, this sturdy and lightweight tent is comfortable, easy to set up, and even easier to recycle.

While our ideal festivalgoer reuse their tents, the designers behind KarTent recognize that some people may only need a tent for one-time use. According to the startup, one in four festival visitors leave their tents behind at the event. Kartent’s temporary cardboard solution is a tent sturdy enough to stay dry for three days guaranteed—the average length of a music festival—and can comfortably house two people with room for storage. Each tent ships flat-pack, weighs 0.6 kilograms, and has a 3.3-square-meter floor plan.

Besides its lightweight and recyclable footprint, the KarTent also has the advantage of customizable design. The team at KarTent can print anything from sponsored messages to personal drawings onto the tent facade. The company is currently working on creating a larger design this year that can accommodate four people instead of two.

Source: inhabitat

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