Angus-RyanAngus Ryan works as a Business Sustainability Strategist with GCX Africa, where he engages with business over understanding their own strategies, and identifying ways in which to incorporate practical sustainability action plans. He has completed courses in Carbon Manager, Executive Sustainability and GRI, and have degrees in Physical Education and Biokinetics.

PROPOSED TOPIC: Waste Case Study

Faith-MkhacwaFaith Mkhacwa is a Regional Project Manager for the Industrial Energy Efficiency Project in South Africa. Her responsibilities include assisting organisations to become more energy efficient by successfully implementing Energy Management System (EnMS) and Energy Systems Optimisation (ESO) in the Northern Region (Gauteng, Limpopo, North-West, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape). As one of the UNIDO international EnMS Experts, Faith facilitates the EnMS advance and expert level training.

PROPOSED TOPIC: Energy case study (Mogale Alloy case study)

NCPC-SA has embarked on assisting South African industry by partnering with different companies in order to assist these companies to manage their energy performance and to implement a systematic approach to managing their energy saving in a sustainable manner. Through NCPC-SA’s industrial energy efficiency project, delegates have been trained to be able to assist their organisations with overall energy performance through different energy efficiency initiatives. Some of the initial weaknesses were that key personnel did not possess the necessary skills to implement any kind of energy efficiency initiative and there were no formal energy management systems in place. However, a lot of companies in the SA industry are committed to the reduction of energy consumption, primarily in order to reduce costs. They are aware of their own exposure to the rising energy prices and the critical role that energy plays in their overheads, and they desire to manage energy better. The companies that NCPC-SA has worked with have adopted different methodologies to improve their energy performance and they continue to see energy saving year on year. The case study based on a South African mining company will showcase the benefits of implementing EnMS.

Phillip-ButtonPhillip Button has been in the flooring industry for 23 years, exposed to various conditions such as residential, commercial, hospitality, corporate and government. Have travelled extensively nationally with exposure to the European and African market. Have interest in various recycling processes, low impact production processes and understanding alternative production methods that have low impact or no impact on the environment.

PROPOSED TOPIC: Greener Carpets

Green production, recycling of waste and re use in to production. Minimising of carbon foot print. Polymer advantages from a production point of view when being extruded in to yarn and disassembly after life. Reclamation programs and challenges. Water management systems during production.

SharlinSharlin Hemraj is employed as Director for Environmental and Fuel Taxes at the National Treasury and responsible for environmental and fuel tax policy development.  She is trained as an environmental economist and has been involved in the design of the carbon tax, motor vehicle emissions tax and a range of environmentally related tax incentives since 2005.

PROPOSED TOPIC: Reducing emissions and carbon tax as an incentive to ‘go-green’

The National Treasury began an Environmental Fiscal Reform Policy process in 2004 focusing on the role for environmentally related taxes.  This culminated in the Carbon Tax Policy Paper of 2013 which provides details on the rationale and the design of the proposed carbon tax. This presentation provides information on the carbon tax proposals, allowances and the measures that could help mitigate potential adverse impacts on industry and households.

Thembi-KodisangThembi Kodisang-Sibanda has been instrumental in forging mutually beneficial relationships within manufacturing sector, primarily with members of the SA Capital Equipment Export Council and AIDC. She holds an Honours and a project management degree. She’s a certified UNIDO Energy Management Systems expert.  Thembi has served on the board of directors for Environmental Management Accounting Network Africa and is a registered member of the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions. Before joining the NCPC-SA, she was an environmental coordinator at Lonmin Platinum Mine and the founding member and Principal Environmental Specialist at MWC.

PROPOSED TOPIC: RECP case study- (VAMCOSA) The Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa

Eddie-VieningsEddie Vienings is a Consultant and Founding Partner of Blue North Sustainability. He has substantial management and project management experience in production, FMCG and agricultural business environments. Current consulting engagements focus on life-cycle analysis of waste, carbon and costs in export supply-chains and he is interested in “bottom-up” environmental supply-chain sustainability.

PROPOSED TOPIC: Lifecycle analysis: cradle-to-grave greening of the supply chain

The pressure on businesses to supply products and behave in ways that achieve “sustainability” is growing. Nowhere is this more evident than in businesses and supply chains dependent upon primary agricultural production. Ecological and social concerns are forcing agriculture and food industries globally to re-think the way they do business: Consumers are demanding to know more about any negative impacts of the food products they buy, government regulations are becoming stricter and retail-chains are increasing pressure on suppliers to meet their sustainability requirements.