Green hotels in Paris for a carbon-friendly city break

While the COP21 talks run their course, we’re looking to where the real climate action is. In the Paris beyond the summit, people, collectives and businesses aren’t just talking – they’re taking action for a cleaner, carbonless future.

You don’t need loads of cash to stay in decent, carbon-light digs in the French capital

From lowly budget hostels to dazzling palace hotels, Paris, of course, is bursting at the seams with places to stay. Still, with the rise of AirBnB, hotels of every stripe have had to find new ways to stand out. Though there aren’t too many of them just yet, green hotels in Paris are having a bit of a moment. And a few have taken a completely environment-first approach, offering sustainable options via organic menus, recycling programs and other green-forward features angled at the growing swell of climate-aware consumers looking for a more sustainable stay-over. Here are four of our favourites…

1. Hotel Gavarni

A short walk from the Eiffel Tower, the charming Hotel Gavarni is the first hotel in Paris to receive the European Ecolabel. For tourists, most green efforts – including eco-brand detergents, sustainable electricity and efficient heating – go unseen. More visible are signs in rooms that encourage green practices, such as reusing towels and linens; at the reception desk, taxi schedules are posted to encourage carpooling.

Meanwhile, hotel employees are reimbursed for biking and using public transport to get to work. In fact, this hotel is totally carbon neutral – so just about as green as it possibly gets in Paris.

2. Solar Hotel

Carbon-light travellers will feel at home in one of the Solar Hotel’s 22 simple rooms nestled down by the Catacombs, south of Luxembourg Gardens. From cleaning products and recycled materials to water collection for plants and solar panels, this place has it covered – and as green hotels in Paris go, it’s at the cheaper end of the scale.

In fact, it’s hard to make a move here without bumping into something encouraging responsible travel, be it recycling or opting to get around on one of the hotel’s free bicycles. An organic breakfast, made from local, sustainably produced products, is included in the price. Bargain.

3. Yves Robert Youth Hostel

One of the city’s most sustainable green hostels, this place proves that, even on a budget, travellers can be green. Solar panels covering 3,500 square meters of the roof provide all the energy needed for the 103 rooms. Guests can hang around an organic garden nurtured by collected rainwater and natural compost.

Even better, the hostel is part of a designated ‘eco-quarter’ in the city, conveniently located next to two major train stations and the much-loved Montmartre district. A good nook, then, to meet like-minded ethical travellers.

4. Hotel Barrière Le Fouquet’s

This luxury hotel just off the Champs Elysées makes sustainability look elegant and refined, right down to their ‘eco-citizen’ champagne offering care of Pommery. It’s not just the bubbly, though: in addition to its energy-saving LED lights, the hotel boasts a hybrid taxi service, as well as organic food, sustainably produced towels and bathrobes and a hugely comprehensive recycling program.

Bills are presented on iPads to cut down on paper waste. But the kicker is they even produce their own organic honey up on the roof. How’s that for environmental dedication?

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