Construction and indeed buildings have profound and often complex impacts on environmental and human health. Designing buildings that passively minimise these impacts is the pursuit of sustainable design, and the Green Building Handbook is the leading source of science based insight for designers and practitioners.The Green Building Handbook is read by built environment stakeholders: investors, clients, developers, professionals, contractors and tenants – providing them with the facts, alternative thinking, and leading examples of practical application through the publication of green building case studies.
The Readers of the Green Building Handbook print & ebook are: SEVENTYthousand decision makers, stakeholders, project investors procurers and specifiers of Green Building products and services

The Green Building Handbook SA offers Readers:

  • Thousands of procurers and specifiers of green building products and services in South Africa
  • A platform to access this buoyant micro economy which is energy efficiency
  • The highest quality independent editorial environment (Peer-Reviewed)
  • The most effective print and electronic distribution combination (8, 000 print, up to 62,000 digital copies)

Where are the Opportunities?

Government is driving “the Green Economy” through multiple national departments such as Energy, Water, Environment, Public Enterprises, the DTi, and major municipalities, with new buildings being commissioned ‘green’, and many existing buildings being retrofitted. Large South African corporations are also commissioning some of the greenest buildings in the world, with the number and variety of green buildings at an all-time high. Residential buildings too are going green, with the price of electricity, water, and waste services on the rise households are seeking self-sufficiency in these areas.
The opportunities for green building product and service companies are linked to this new desire on the part of savvy project owners to become greener. Now is the time to be promoting your brand in this exciting space.

Is your company positioned to provide green building products and services to South Africa’s green building specifiers?

Are you interested in reaching in excess of 70 000 green economy stakeholders, many of whom are either directly or indirectly involved  in green building projects. Our database of property and construction stakeholders  has been developed over the past 9 years to become a leading platform for business exchange in this exciting sector.

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