Fair Cape Dairies launches long life milk in reduced carbon packaging: a first for Africa

In another sustainability first, Fair Cape Dairies has launched Africa’s first long life milk in reduced carbon footprint packaging.

The next evolution of Fair Cape Dairies’ products, the EcoPlus long life pack boasts a 28% reduced carbon footprint as it is manufactured from more than 80% cardboard made from cardboard sourced from FSC-certified sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources.

Louis Loubser, marketing director of Fair Cape Dairies, says that Fair Cape Dairies embraces the concept of environmental welfare. “As a company, we have taken an integrated approach to carbon management and are always striving for a greener and more environmentally-friendly approach to milk production. With the launch of the Fair Cape EcoPlus long life milk pack we further strengthen this commitment as we begin to offer a more sustainably produced long life milk.

“Our focus on acting sustainably, and consistently trying to find new ways to ‘Do the Right Thing’ is a fundamental part of Fair Cape Dairies’ corporate principles,” he says.

Abdelghany Eladib, chief operating officer of packaging partner, SIG Combibloc Obeikan, said that with the launch of EcoPlus, Fair Cape Dairies is taking a stand for the environment, and is leading the way in the African market as a company that acts sustainably and responsibly. “Today, eco-citizenship is a high priority in South Africa, driven by a rising demand for transparency and the importance of sustaining the planet. The launch of the carbon-reduced EcoPlus carton is a good response to this increasing demand. We are confident that together with Fair Cape Dairies, we are committed towards protecting the environment and fostering sustainability worldwide.”