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Are you interested in becoming a speaker at the Annual Sustainability Week?

In 2016, Sustainability Week will through its innovative construction truly reflect the interconnectedness of the issues – the cause and effect of actions, and the need to balance interests in a bid to achieve the most appropriate approach in all cases. Sustainability is not a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all solution, it is about a process of reaching decisions, with due deference to the interests of all stakeholders, including those not in the room.

Sustainability Week Speakers

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Final Presentations:

Please bring the full presentation with you on a USB stick, on the date scheduled for the presentation, enabling us to ensure the smooth running of the program from a technical perspective.

If there are any special requirements such as projecting separate presentations simultaneously, extra-large screens, video functionality, or the like, please write to us in this regard to ensure we can accommodate the request and so that we are prepared.