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Alive2green publishes the Energy Efficiency Handbook which is available for purchase. Packed with contributions from South Africa’s leading industry experts and researchers, The Energy Efficiency Handbook provides readers with practical insights into energy efficient designs, technologies, materials and solutions relevant in the South African context. The Energy Efficiency Handbook is a Peer Reviewed publication and forms the basis of the learning material for our soon to be launched Online Education Courses. Click here for advertiser information Energy Efficiency Handbook Vol 3

Volume 4:









July 2013 Edited by Dr. Chris Haw, Chairman of (SAPVIA) South African Photovoltaic Industry Association and Director at Aurora Energy, the Handbook will contain research and commentary from the country’s leading renewable energy sector stakeholders and will provide readers with context and specific information relating to strategy, projects, mechanisms and opportunities. Each of the Sustainability Series Handbooks is a volume of contributions from expert authors and researchers which do not collectively replace or update the previous volume of that handbook, but add to the chapters published in previous volumes. Many regular contributors require that readers refer to chapters in earlier volumes in order to understand the context of their latest contributions. Click here for the Information Brochure. Click here to read the preliminary Synopsis. Click here to purchase handbook [/box] [box style=”rounded” border=”full”] Energy Efficiency Handbook Vol 3

Volume 3:

Building on the success of the first and second volumes of the Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook Alive2green will publish Volume 3 of the handbook as a focussed resource for the broader energy efficiency sector. This coincides with the launch of a Renewable energy Handbook in 2012 which will focus more exclusively on the large scale Renewable energy sector in Southern Africa. Where as technically the energy efficiency handbook may include discussions about localised renewable energy solutions, these solutions are more relevant in the context of energy efficiency as their application is based in reducing energy consumption rather than the generation of power by renewable energy resources. Click here for the Information Brochure. Click here to read the preliminary Synopsis. Click here to purchase handbook






Sustainable Energy Handbook Vol 2

Volume 2:

Alive2green was proud to announce the arrival of Volume 2 of the Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook which was published in June 2011 with a distribution of between 8000 and 15 000 readers. Volume 2 of the Handbook is peer-reviewed and authors submissions will reviewed for academic publication by a panel consisting of some of South Africa’s top researchers and sector experts. The peer-review process is in keeping with international academic handbook standards as well as requirements from publication stakeholders such as CSIR, but is also linked with the generation of the eLearning modules that will now be associated with all Volumes of the Handbook. Click here for more information Click here to purchase handbook








Sustainable Energy Handbook Vol 1

Volume 1:

Like all countries South Africa needs energy security and access to energy for all. Can these objectives be achieved through renewable energy resources? If so how quickly? Do we first have to go dirty and then clean up later? Or can we realistically leapfrog the dirty development phase? If this scenario is possible, what suite of interconnected simultaneous policies, investments and technological advancements would have to take place? How will the rising cost of energy impact on development in South Africa and what interventions can industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential users introduce to counter these impacts in the short and medium term? These are just some of the issues that contributors will seek to address in the Energy Resource Handbook, South Africa. Click here for more information Click here to purchase handbook [/box]