Energy Month underlines need for new thinking in energy

  • Electricity demand will soar
  • New ideas needed in buildings
  • Energy saving ideas

May is Energy Month in South Africa and, as the South African government urges businesses to save energy, it is important to review what steps can be taken to reduce power consumption in industry, mining and construction, thereby conserving energy and reducing the carbon footprint.

“Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation through its world-beating EcoStruxure Power systems, which help increase safety and reliability, whilst saving on time and money in project delivery and execution,” explains Taru Madangombe, Vice President of Energy in Anglophone Africa Cluster for Schneider Electric.

“Offering a portfolio of integrated digital solutions designed to increase customer efficiency, Our EcoStruxure Power offers leverage on digitisation to deliver key end user value to make our solutions safer, more reliable and efficient during the operation and maintenance phase by connecting deep domain expertise with 20 000 application and software engineers across the globe.”

Energy demand

“Our projections show that electricity demand will grow twice as fast as compared to energy demand by 2040 and this will need new ideas in the provision of electricity across the world, particularly in Southern Africa. Eighty-two percent of economic potential for energy efficiency is in commercial and industrial buildings, with more than 50% in industry, remains untapped

“The electrical distribution industry is going through a paradigm shift, as the world gets more electric and more digital. Research suggests that there will be ten times more connected devices than there will be connected people by 2020. This already calls for more connected products or solutions (smart ready) to be integrated into the system, of which Schneider Electric is a global leader.

“Our EcoStruxure Power Offers deliver value to a diverse set of customers in large buildings, critical facilities, Utilities and Electro-intensive industries such as Mining and Oil & Gas. The expertise is offered in power availability, safety, operational efficiency, risk management and cost optimisation. Schneider Electric offers tailored solutions that drive safety, efficiency and reliability.”

New buildings, new ideas

“Global customers are increasingly concerned with saving costs through faster lead time on construction of new facilities. Standardisation, fast lead times and streamlined execution are key to optimising project delivery through design, delivery and execution.

“The systems help comply with standards and best practices by ensuring designs are upheld and maintain their performance over time. It designs best practices and guidelines to enable compliance to international or local energy efficiency standards. This is achieved by adhering to standards and internal best practices that safeguard from costly downtime and other business risks, such as a cyber security attack.

“EcoStruxure Power delivers safer, more reliable, and power that is more efficient. This means both peace of mind and significant financial benefits — with tailored, IoT-enabled, and future-ready power solutions that ‘simply work’.

Energy saving ideas

Here are some energy saving ideas that any operation can implement.

  • Maintain existing equipment
  • Optimise use of current equipment
  • Implement effective shutdown procedures
  • Optimise operating temperatures and pressures
  • Use advanced process control
  • Implement process innovation and upgrade equipment
  • Incorporate solar thermal technologies 

“We can offer a 10% potential improvement in energy intensity by following global energy efficiency standards. Schneider Electric empowers a global ecosystems campaign, #BoldIdeas, to create, collaborate, scale business solutions and seize new value. Send us your #BoldIdea in Energy Month,” concludes Madangombe.

Source: Schneider Electric