‘Agriculture holds key to Africa’s economy’

Experts from World Bank Group have said that the future of Africa to provide food for its teeming population lies in deliberate huge investment in agriculture. Holger Kray, Africa Agriculture Policy Unit of the World Bank Group, disclosed this recently at a three-day workshop on reporting agriculture hosted by the Africa Media Initiative (AMI) in conjunction with the World Bank in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

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Kray noted that African with wide arable land can be utilised maximally to provide food for the people of the continent, adding that agriculture holds a future for the people if all the available potentials are harnessed.

According to him, over two billion people are hungry in the world and Africa is located at a strategic place to provide food in excess in order to feed its citizen and export to other parts of the world so as to boost their economy.

“Agriculture is the only sector that can fit food crisis, therefore if we continue to do business as we are doing it now, there will be food crisis in the future  therefore African should wake up to this huge responsibility.”
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Source: africa.tvcnews

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