Alive2Green is a company focused on sustainability in terms of content. As a fundamental strategy to gaining editorial content, the company does not present itself as experts, but rather seeks to create platforms for experts to share knowledge. Whether it is through electronic or print publishing, or through its events, the company puts forward the independent views and expertise of third party experts. In so doing, Alive2Green enables their views to be shared, thereby stimulating responses, and to triggering action.

Alive2green is a specialist knowledge company focussed on promoting and delivering content on sustainability, believing that once presented with the facts, decision makers will make the right choices.Working in partnership with leading research institutions, industry organisations and government departments to develop and produce forums, publications,events and educational courses that communicate the fundamental issues, thereby facilitating, in some small way, the knowledge transfer needed to advance towards a sustainable future.


Online division publishes multiple sector websites and social media platforms. While this division provides online services to other divisions, its primary function is online publishing, and to this end publishes a fortnightly eJournal providing the latest stories in circulation under the heading of sustainability with a focus on green building, sustainable tourism and youth issues.


Handbooks division publishes peer reviewed handbooks on multiple sectors, working closely with industry experts and researches, and industry representative bodies. The handbook series forms an invaluable resource of thought leadership and case study content for multiple industry sectors.


Magazine Division publishes Green Business Journal and Green Home Magazine in alternate months, aimed at green business stakeholders, and households respectively, providing readers with the latest thinking, examples of action and leadership among business and domestic consumers and suppliers.

Founded in South Africa in 2006 by directors and founders: Gordon Brown, Lloyd Macfarlane and Andrew Fehrsen

Offices In:
Cape Town, South Africa
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Curepipe, Mauritius