Welcome to the Green Business Seminar 2016

Dear Delegate

Welcome to the Green Business Seminar 2016.

We look forward to a day that’s jam packed with great content and I urge you to participate as much as possible in the discussions. Today will be centred on three primary themes, which are Carbon Tax, Responsible Business and Investment and Access to Finance for Green Business and Projects. Within these themes there are focused topics that we believe are informing important conversations in the green economy.

Carbon Tax is scheduled to kick off in January 2017, and it’s important to understand the implications for business and the opportunities that exist for companies to mitigate their tax liabilities and/or to leverage a carbon reduction strategy to their advantage.

A very interesting session on responsible business will include insights on green enterprise development and chain of custody as well as the extent to which values and culture in the organisation are linked to ‘value creation’.

Our final session deals with one of the most important challenges for green entrepreneurs and innovators – access to finance. In this session we will learn about the best and most creative ways to access finance, and we will hear first-hand about a project that uses a bit coin crowd source funding model for a solar project in South Africa – innovative in the extreme!

I look forward to being your facilitator on the day and urge you to participate in the session and on social media.



Lloyd Macfarlane