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The business case for sustainability is no longer in question and companies who remain on the outskirts of the movement do so at their own risk. This is not only because they may eventually lack the ability to compete operationally, it is also because they may suffer as a result of a growing procurement trend that is linked to informed perceptions and principles.

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The Green Business Journal was launched approximately 3 years ago at COP17 to provide a platform for the discourse that was emerging around corporate sustainability in South Africa. The publication has since grown its subscriber base, its frequency and has broadened its appeal – so why the name change you may ask?

The sustainability discourse has evolved in the last few years, particularly as government and industry have put weight behind the green agenda. There are more role players and they are more united around common issues and objectives – leadership in both the public and the private sectors is influencing change. There is a belief that a green economy approach to sustainable development in South Africa is the answer – an approach that supports labour intensive and low-carbon growth and development whilst also promoting the principles of efficiency and corporate responsibility.

The Green Economy Journal, therefore, is a more appropriate title because it reflects the inclusive nature of this very subject matter whilst also incorporating an increasingly familiar and relevant term.

South Africa has put in place various strategies and policies that are aimed at the development of an environmentally sustainable, climate-change resilient, low-carbon economy and just society:

  • National Development Plan (2030)
  • New Growth Path (2020)
  • National Strategy for Sustainable Development and Action plan (2014)
  • Integrated Resource Plan,
  • Industrial Policy Action Plan,
  • Environment Sector Green EconomyImplementation Plan,
  • National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
  • National Climate Change Response White Paper.

Collectively these are a framework within which business and society can create change and an opportunity for first mover advantage and leadership in various sectors.

We look forward to this next chapter with our readers, and to playing a meaningful role in the development of knowledge and understanding of the green economy and the issues that surround it.

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